Yan Starling

The northern starling (scientific name: Sturnussturninus) is a migratory bird in the family Starlingidae, with a total length of about



Pigeons, a very common bird that are widely bred around the world, are collectively known for hundreds of species of


Gray Whale

Gray whale ( scientific name : Eschrichtiusrobustus ) , belonging to the family Gray Whales of the suborder Baleen whale



insect In a narrow sense, it refers to the animals of the animal kingdom of the invertebrate arthropod phylum insects,


White Rabbit

The white rabbit is a kind of rabbit, the whole body is white, the eyes are generally transparent, and it


Dragon King Whale

The Dragon King Whale (scientific name: Basilosaurus, meaning Emperor Lizard), also known as zeuglodon, is an extinct ancient marine mammal,



Snails are not a biologically taxonomic name, but generally refer to all terrestrial species of gastropods. In general, Western languages



Chickens, from Xi congyu. Birds of the ornithischiaceae family, there are many varieties. Chickens are the most common poultry raised



Hamster (scientific name: Cricetidae) is a general term for the hamster subfamily. There are 18 species of hamsters in seven


Maine Cat

The Maine cat is named after its native to the U.S. state of Maine. It was the first long-haired variety



The nematode phylum is one of the largest phylums in the animal kingdom, a prosthetic cavity animal with more than



Lizards (Lizards), commonly known as “four-legged snakes” or “snake aunts”, are found all over the world. It belongs to the



Coelacanth, a general term for some leaf-finned bony fish in the order Crossopterygii. Species of the close but extinct suborder



Falcon is a Marvel Comics superhero who debuted in Captain America #117 (September 1969) and co-written by Stan Lee and


Brown planthopper

Brownnriceplanthopper (Nilaparvatalugens (Stal)) Taxonomic Attributes: Homoptera:Delphacidae Alias: Brown rice lice, a type of rice planthopper. The brown planthopper has a



Ticks (phonetic pí) insects belong to the family Parasitic mites and ticks. Adults have a strongly shellized shield plate on



The platypus is one of the most primitive mammals, it is an under-evolved mammal, there are very few species, only


Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii is called a three-corpse worm in Chinese medicine and is an intracellular parasite. Parasitism occurs in cells, flows


Polar Bear

Polar bears (Latin scientific name: Ursusmaritimus), the world’s largest land carnivore, also known as the white bear, are cute. The


Woolly mouse

Chinchillalanigera Molina: Is a collective term for rodents, chinchilla, and chinchilla. The short-tailed woolly rat is larger, with a body



Frogs (Frogs) belong to the chordate phylum, amphibians, tailless orders, frogs of the amphibian family, adult tailless, eggs laid in


Honey Badger

The honey badger (scientific name: Mellivoracapensis) is the only animal in the genus Mustelaidae that has been included in the


Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders, Salticidae, a family of spiders, commonly known as jumping spiders. Most body lengths do not exceed 15 mm.


Vampire bat

Vampire bats ( scientific name : Desmodus ) is a collective term for all species of vampire bats in the



Mussels are the shell meat of mussels, also known as mussels, and the nickname “Lady of the East Sea”. Up



Lemmings belong to the rodent hamster family and have four genera: ring-necked lemmings, lemmings, lemmings, forest lemmings, and swamp lemmings.


Chinese Flower Turtle

Chinese flower turtle, English name: Chinese Striped-neckTurtle.Also known as flower turtle, spotted turtle, pearl turtle, hexaline grass turtle Taiwan grass



Starling refers to most of the birds of the family Passeriformes Sturnidae. In particular, it refers to the purple-winged starling


Black Rhino

Black rhinoceros (scientific name: Dicerosbicornis), also known as black rhinoceros, African two-horned rhinoceros, sharp-nosed rhinoceros, body length: 280-330 cm, height:



Antelope (scientific name: Budorcastaxicolor): Large in size, 110-120 cm in shoulder height, males up to 400 kg in weight, the